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        Hintere Zollamtsstraße 2/b, +43 676 5117 012      
                A-1030 Wien

          Facebook      dobosbistro@gmail.com  

    Opening hours:
     Mon-Thu: 08:00-16:00
     Fri: 08:00-15:00
     Sat-Sun: closed

Dobos Bistro - The name guarantees.


About us

Dobos Bistro wishes to combine certain signs that symbolize important values from the past and the pulsation of rushing present times.
Our Bistro represents in appearance both the elegancy of the past and ease of present days.
As a Bistro we are willing to create homelike interior together with a traditional and simple cuisine which involves seasonal ingredients to produce delicious foods. We offer all these variety and quality at moderate prices.
The attitude to our work represents modern and old values as well, such as respect, quality, courtesy and professional competence. With all these we wish and hope to secure a pleasant atmosphere to our guest.

In our Bistro our guests may choose from three variables:

  • - Daily menu every weekday, including main courses and dishes recommended by our chef
  • - Delicious and fresh salads from our salad bar and traditional Hungarian homemade pastry
  • - Various sorts of Hamburgers produced directly in our Bistro by our chef

Romantic, homey interior, traditional, quality dishes with seasonal ingredients, at moderate prices.
Professional, experienced team, Hungarian-home-style food, manufactory-roasted coffee and pleasant atmosphere. That is how we welcome our guests every weekday.

József C. Dobos

Richárd Dobos

Dobos Richárd


Dobos Bistro is a perfect place for family and business events, however we are also happy to organize an event in any local especially requested by our customers.
Our offer includes: flexibility, 15 years of experience, personalized, delicious food and a reliable team. All you need to do is just enjoy your time. Contact us with confidence.
Our references: Oracle, Microsoft, Waltdisney, K&H Biztosító, SCA, Knorr, Mondi papír



        Delivery service

Dish number Meat dish Vegetarian dish Hamburger
6. ---
7. --- ---

There is an opportunity to report us in advance about your choosen food.
If it is a delivery please sign „0“ in the main menu.
If you would like to reserve a table too, please let us know the number of persons.
Please sign the quantity of food as well. Thank you. Your food will be delivered between 11.00-14.00.
Please send us your reservation and your choosen food till 10.00 am.
If you have no time picking up your lunch we are happy to deliver it to you.
Please choose from our menu fill in the empty fields and send it to us.
Please let us know if you would like to pay with coupons instead of cash.
The minimum price of delivery is 20.00.
Upon 30.00 delivery we give you a soft drink for free.
The menu: Menu